WP2&3-Meeting in Innsbruck

The Land@Slide team met at GRID-IT in Innsbruck on January 28, 2016, for discussing the progress in the work packages WP 2 (Landslide mapping service definition and user requirements) and WP 3 (Study site definition, data acquisition and pre-processing). The user requirements analysis is almost finalized and the landslide mapping service definition is already fairly advanced. It has been agreed that the first results will be included in information material for the users that participated in the interviews in form of a fact sheet. Moreover, first concepts and ideas for the technical implementation of the web-service have been discussed.
For the selected study sites, very high resolution (VHR) satellite images with a spatial resolution below one meter have been acquired, mainly from the satellites Worldview-2/3, GeoEye and Quickbird. Additional high resolution data from Landsat and SPOT will be acquired, especially for those areas where pre-event VHR data is not available. Pre-processing is almost complete for the first test site of Taxenbach. For acquisition of validation data with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), a survey campaign has been agreed for summer 2016.